Enjoy our bingo lingo inspired VIP club


Now that you’ve joined Titan Bingo, I’ll bet you want to know what else is in store for you.  Well plenty.  But we’ll have to do this in an organized manner, and this week it’s all about the Titan Bingo Reward (a.k.a. VIP) program.


Besides being, well rewarding, our VIP program is super fun.  That’s because it literally captures the happy community spirit of playing bingo online, with bingo lingo inspired VIP levels – LOL, XOXO and OMG.  At each level of loyalty (achieved as you play) you are eligible for all sorts of exciting bingo promotions and gifts, including magazine subscriptions and free Amazon gift certificates.


In addition to great prizes, our VIP program pays in other ways including such benefits as an increased comp point to currency ratio (i.e. a higher exchange rate for your comp points), a quickened process for withdrawing funds, and access to exclusive competitions, promotions and deposit deals.


There is of course more to the program, but we can’t give away all our secrets here! You’ll have to join for yourself, make a deposit and start playing if you want to learn all the details.


Fear not, earning VIP points is fun and easy.  You get them for almost everything you do at Titan Bingo including playing regular bingo games, mini games and/or side games.




The Titan Casino site is now available in Portuguese


If you hail from Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Macau, East Timor or São Tomé and Príncipe, you’re going to love this – Titan Casino is now available in your native tongue.  That’s right, togel singapore Casino is now available in Portuguese.


Of course if you still live in most of these countries you won’t be able to play (you can only enjoy online gaming in countries in which it’s legal), but if you live in Portugal, Brazil or Macau you are in luck.


So what does it mean, Titan Casino in Portuguese?


It means that you can read up on all that Titan Casino has to offer in our planet’s seventh most popular language (with somewhere between 200 and 250 million speakers worldwide, mostly in South America and Africa). And what’s better then getting all the information and service you need (including answers to questions you may have) in your native tongue?


You can start off by checking out Titan Casino’s latest promotions, including the casino’s lucrative Welcome Bonus, information about how to make a deposit, or what forms of payment are accepted by the casino – all in Portuguese.  Same goes for game explanations, the winners list, and perhaps most helpfully our Customer Support contact information.


In other words, we speak your language.


Come enjoy some Portuguese online gaming at Titan Casino today.

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