The number of mistakes that cost newbies money is amazing, but here are a few more than can help you save your bank roll to live another day, or to even thrive by taking advantage of your opponents’ weaknesses.




Mistake #1: Playing a good pre-flop hand after missing the flop.




A-K is great pre-flop, but if the flop has three suited cards (none of which are yours), a face card, or a pair, your A-K is all but worthless.  Way too many times after not only missing completely, but also having a flop that gives huge hands to other players, a newbie will go all in after missing.  This doesn’t make any sense since all the players that would call are all the players that have you badly beaten.




Mistake #2: Playing with a 2 color deck online




On most internet web sites now you have the option of playing with a 4 colored deck.  Always do this!  If you don’t, it is only a matter of time until Bandarq you mistakenly think you have a flush when you don’t.  Four suits make it easy to see if you do or don’t, and make it easier to identify when someone else might have a flush on a board (ever have that third card sneak up on you on the river because you’re looking at something else?  Most of us have).  If you think you have a flush and don’t, often times you lose the most money because you bet the house with rags.  There is no excuse for a stupid mistake like this when you can easily see a green club versus a black spade.




Mistake #3: A-K all in




A-K is a strong hand, but many players go all in pre-flop with it.  Why?  While it will beat a pocket pair about half of the time, it is actually an underdog, only a 56% favorite over a pocket pair, and if someone calls with A-A or K-K, you can kiss that pot good bye.  A-K is a good hand to limp in with early and see what hits.  At a short handed table this hand is much stronger, but you need to play it according to position and situation.  This Bandarq is not an automatic all in hand.




Mistake #4: I’ll raise with any ace suited.




Some players will call or raise anything with ace suited.  Why?  A-3 suited in spades is a huge underdog to any A-face card, even if they are unsuited.  While it is better to be suited than not, unless you hit the flush that is a trap hand.




Keep this tips in mind to improve your game, and good luck.



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