There are two main types of casino gamblers: table game players and slot machine players. I consider myself a hybrid as I like playing both slots and table games but for most people it is one or the other. I suppose that video poker players could be a third type but I am lumping them together with the table game players since video poker is obviously a card game. The best U.S. casinos for slots in 2013 will not be the same for everyone. If you like a particular slot machine – the Slotfather for instance – you will not be too keen about playing at a casino that does not offer it. I am not a hardcore slots player so my experience is limited to a few casinos recently so I will not be going into too much detail about the actual slot games. For a look at the slots available at the US casinos not covered in this post or about the slot games at European casinos is a good place to look. I obviously can’t tell you about slot games at casinos that I do not play at plus getting a second opinion is always a good idea. I will break this article up into two sections: slot machine variety and progressive jackpots. The main US casinos for slots that I am considering are the Bovada Casino and the Betonline Casino.


Best US Casino For Slots In 2013 – Variety

Between Bovada and Betonline it is pretty easy to determine who has the best variety of slot games. Bovada is one of the largest online casinos with about 300 games and the majority of these games are slots. The slot games at Bovada include many traditional / classic, video and 3D games. Bovada has always been at the forefront of online casino gambling in the USA in 2013. There are around 30 3D slot games at the Bovada Casino.


Best Slot Jackpots At US Casinos In 2013

The Bovada Casino has 52 progressive jackpots right now and most of them are for slot machines. If you add every progressive jackpot together you will come up with a number exceeding $6 million dollars.  This places them in the top 5 in terms of the total amount of jackpot money, globally. The Betonline Casino has a few slot games with progressive jackpots but it is nothing like Bovada. Most of their slots do not have progressives and the jackpots for the ones that do are pretty small. Ghouls Gold for instance has several but they range from a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars.


One of the newest Judi Online slot games at the Bovada Casino is Slots Angels – based on a biker gang in the USA – has several progressive jackpots that are each thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. Some other slot machine jackpots at Bovada are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Clearly Bovada is the best USA casino online for slots players. There are a couple of other factors that point to Bovada. They recently launched a mobile casino that features some of their most popular slot games. In addition to this I think everyone will agree that the casino software at Bovada is superior. You can try it out without downloading it or even creating an account.



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