I’ve always been a firm believer in the saying “save the best for last.” No matter what aspect of my life you observe, you will probably notice that this maxim reigns supreme. Heck, even when I eat, I do not eat all the food on my plate at the same time! Yup

This is perhaps the best Christmas season for pragmatic play enthusiasts in Italy. With the pending legalization of online poker in Italy (which starts on the first of January), the Italian government is auctioning off a huge amount of online poker and gambling licenses. Just how huge? Well, no less than a whopping

Released in 1998, Rounders is perhaps the best poker movie in the last 10 years. With Matt Damon and Edward Norton as the protagonists and John Malkovich as the antagonist, you cannot go wrong. If you are an avid poker player, there is really no need to explain what a rounder is.

Though not exactly about tips on playing poker, Maverick shows the whole picture of the adventurous life of a gambler in the old days in the West. This movie was released in the mid 90s, 1994 to be exact. As opposed to the past two movies we have featured, this one is not

I remember watching The Sting when I was not much into poker yet. In fact, I think that when I saw it (simply because my dad had a DVD and wanted to watch it, so everyone else had to) I didn’t even know how to play poker. Despite that fact, the movie captured

Though movies are not exactly an accurate reflection of reality, we have to admit that we can pick up a thing or two from them. More so, we can have a good time while we are it. The same thing goes for poker movies. We see the exceptional highs and lows of

If Taylor Caby is the Harry Potter of Poker, then Phil Ivey is the Tiger Woods of this game. This young man earned this moniker because of the classy way he plays. At a very young age of 8, Phil Ivey learned the basics of poker from his grandfather who would deal him

At a young age of 35, Kirill Gerasimov has reached a level of popularity that many aspiring poker players have dreamed of. This young poker player was born in Moscow and used to be an insurance salesman. Whether or not that day job had any bearings on his poker skills, it is clear

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