As you know, the European Championship of Online Poker V (aka ECOOP V) got under way on November 23rd. And that very day, in the opening event, two Titan players came out on top.


Player “thanasis1982” from Greece came in first place, beating out 1,240 other players and taking home prize money totaling $52,500.  On top of the cash prize, he will also receive a great keepsake – a prestigious Tag Heuer automatic chronograph series Carrera watch, engraved with his nickname and the name of the online tournament that he won.


“Avalika” from France finished in second place with $27,500 in prize money. As a Titan Poker player at the recently concluded ECPokerTour tournament Malta, “avalika” was especially pleased with his high placing, exclaiming “That was one of my best moments on the Net, after seeing so many passionate players,” and went on to call the win “an extra sensation.”  We’re happy for you too, “avalika”!


The first event of the two-week ECOOP V series was a $250,000 Guaranteed Prize, No Limit Hold’em Freezeout Tournament with a buy-in of $200+$15.


The ECOOP V series continues nightly at togel hongkong, culminating with a $1,500,000 Guaranteed Prize Main Event on December 6.  So if you haven’t already done so, get in on the action now, while you still can.


Greek Poker Titan Takes ECOOP V #1


Athanasios Ntalakas


Athanasios Ntalakas   (aka Thanasis1982) has taken first place at the first event of ECOOP V, winning $52,500. Titan Poker dominated the start of the Fifth European Championship of Online Poker by taking both first and second places. Athanasios hails from Greece and he has been working as a financial consultant for an accounting firm for the past year. He sees poker as something between a hobby and a part-time job, in light of the fact that he does spend a couple of hours a day playing S&G’s.


“I have been playing poker for 2 years now, starting when I was completing my Master of Science degree and one of my best friends introduced me to the game. I loved it from the start, but it took me a while to become a winning player as I had to concentrate on my studies. After I finished my Masters, I started playing regularly turbo S&Gs mainly because I was too lazy to play long hours for a Multi Table Tournament (MTT)” Athanasios told us.


When we asked Athanasios about his game play in the ECOOP V #1 $250,000, he relayed his thoughts to us. “I played pretty straightforward at the beginning of the tournament, but at the later stages I was being more aggressive pre-flop. I have to admit that I was lucky that my opponents tried to make a stand against me, when I had a better hand.” His key moment had to have been when there were 2 tables left, and as his table’s chip leader, he was dealt pocket aces against the second biggest stack at the table, who had pocket kings. After that hand it was clear to Athanasios that he could succeed. “From there on I knew that I could actually win the tourney using my stack to apply pressure to players who wanted to climb up the pay ladder.”


To sum it up, Athanasios Ntalakas has brought a lot of pride to the Greek poker establishment. Athanasios’s advice to the other players: “I think many beginners should consider starting with multi-table S&Gs, since it helps to improve your game as well as build your poker bankroll.”




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