Iggy from Guinness & https://bursa303.city recently wrote this on his blog: “I’m not saying you can’t be a successful poker player without reading poker books, but I can’t help but wonder how much he would improve if he immersed himself in conceptual/strategic thinking ala Sklansky, Carson or Caro.

David estimates that of those players who try without studying to become solid winners (making good money in middle limit games, for example), no more than one percent succeed. Of those who do study diligently, he believes about ten percent succeed. If we accept Sklansky’s numbers, which seem reasonable, books make a big relative difference. Still, they clearly don’t guarantee success, by any stretch.”

In the end, you can’t go wrong with reading everything out there… the real talent lies within absorbing all the information out there and morphing together your own personal style, discipline, and outlook on the game of poker. Sort of like how religion works for some people…

Pay to Live Like… Me!!! My Life as a Fantasy Camp…

Iggy from Guinness & Poker recenlty blogged the following to his site on 1.3.03:

“Tao of Poker is in Miami, beating the hell out of the recently legalized Florida low-limit hold em games. Phish fans should read his Phish reports and poker players should read his poker reports. Pauly’s life is a fantasy camp. People should PAY to live as Pauly!!”

Thanks Iggy!!! I realized somewhere on the beach in South Florida watching the sun rise one early morning that I am one of the luckiest people in the world and I get to do things that everyone wishes they could! Alas, that pushes me to continue this amazing ride. Thanks again, Iggy!

Lights, Cameras, Poker!!

Iggy blogged this great article: Lights, Cameras… Poker! written by Dick White.

Here’s a bit: “With more than 50 million regular players across the country, poker is more popular than golf or billiards. More than 1.6 million viewers tuned in for the first episode of “Celebrity Poker Showdown,” according to television ratings reports. It was the second-highest debut for a show on Bravo. And when cable television strikes a new and hidden chord in America’s viewing habits, you can bet that network TV is sure to follow. ”

Jay Ditches the $2-4 Game at Foxwoods

Jay (Senor’s younger brother) sent me this e-mail in late December: “Spent all night playing poker at Foxwoods last night. Dude, I don’t know why I waste my time at $2-4, its a joke man. Everyone stays in every pot till the river, if I wanted a crapshoot I’d go to the craps table! Anyways, after about an hour or so I moved to 4/8 and played for about 10 hours, so much more fun. I would have made a lot of $, except towards the end I lost w/ a full house to a 4 of a kind, then my last hand I lost with (pocket) Aces to AK when he made the straight. Was still up a decent amount for my time though….”

Well Jay, I agree that the low limit games are ripe for trouble for skilled and disciplined players like yourself. There are too many bad beat stories out there… so now, I almost expect anything to happen when I sit down at a low limit table. I seriously had to adjust my starting hands and play my best hands more aggressively and jam the pot with as many raises as possible when I have the best hand.

Alas, I too have grown tired with the same antics at these low limit tables. I figured with poker’s new found popularity, that I could clean up on the new dead money coming into the game… but a quick glance at my bankroll says otherwise. I needed to adjust how I play in those games… and re-adjust and re-adapt. If I don’t… I’m doomed to be a poor poker player. However, I too am sharing your sentiments on moving up to $4-8… although there are plenty of yahoos playing that who have no clue what they are doing and staying in until the river when they have only two outs in a multi-way pot. But part of my new game plan for 2004 involves playing tighter at higher limits. My biggest win in 2003 was when I stepped up and sat down at $5-10 at the Mirage and walked away with $800 in less than six hours (can you say four 7s?). That was hours after I got crushed at the $4-8 table at the Bellagio.

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