Stargames Limited (Stargames) announced today new international distribution arrangements for Rapid Roulette(TM).


Following discussions between Stargames, WMS Gaming Inc (WMS) and John Huxley (Casino Equipment) Limited (John Huxley), WMS has been appointed Stargames exclusive distributor of Rapid Roulette(TM) in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. John Huxley will be Stargames’ exclusive distributor of Rapid Roulette(TM) in the UK, Europe, Asia, South Africa and South America. Under the new arrangements John Huxley will provide Rapid Roulette(TM) related auxiliary equipment to WMS.


These new arrangements follow the completion of a new Stargames PC3 based version of Rapid Roulette(TM), the successful field trial of Rapid Roulette(TM) at MGM Mirage Inc’s New York New York Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada and the subsequent approval of Rapid Roulette(TM) by the Nevada Gaming Control Board.


At the September 2002 Global UFABet Gaming Expo in Las Vegas, WMS will unveil the new fully featured North American version of Rapid Roulette(TM) and John Huxley will display the new fully featured International Rapid Roulette(TM) product.


Stargames Managing Director, John Rouse, said, “the new arrangements should ensure that the true potential of Rapid Roulette(TM) will be realised in all international markets. We are confident that WMS with its inventory of licences, including licences allowing participation and daily lease fee arrangements with venues, and extensive sales force and technical support coverage, should allow WMS to advantageously place Rapid Roulette(TM) in a large number of venues across North American jurisdictions. In other markets, John Huxley’s reputation as a premium casino equipment supplier should guarantee continued sales success of Rapid Roulette(TM) into other international casino venues.”


In addition, the existing Stargames Cross Licence Agreement with WMS relating to Stargames’ PC3 gaming machines and games, has been amended to increase the number of WMS games to be sold on Stargames PC3 platform in Australasian markets, together with obligations for WMS to take Stargames games into the North American market. The commercial arrangements between the parties have also been revised on a mutually satisfactory basis.


Nurses trained to recognise gambling problems


Victoria’s maternal and child health nurses will be trained to recognise the symptoms of problem gambling as part of the new Women’s Health and Wellbeing Strategy launched today.

The $4 million strategy contains 38 initiatives to be developed over the next year to target issues such as depression, safety, and health education.


The Health Minister, John Thwaites says the maternal and child health nurses regular visits to new mothers mean they are able to offer individual help.


“Our maternal and child health nurses do a tremendous job, they see most new mothers,” he said.


“We want to make sure they’ve got the skills necessary to help women who may have particular problems.”




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